Who we are

The basis of a great Company is knowing what´s most important. Our key pillars are always present.


We manage solutions to optimize our service and help our clients development in the market.

A network with more than 1,000 specialized professionals who provide 100% real coverage in the market.
(*) Mainland Spain, Balear and Canary Islands.

Our systems and processes provide data and information for an optimal Business Management.

Asset Management

We have 100% control over the assets we provide coverage, guaranteeing tracking and tracing and complete, sustainable management of their useful life-cycle.

A full-service company changes the instruction manual by a manual full of values.


Our COMMITMENT makes us unique.


Striving for EFFICIENCY makes us a great company.


Working with PASSION makes us a great service company.


Acting with INTEGRITY makes us a great service company for our clients.


Feeding the ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT makes us a great service company for our clients in constant evolution focusing in our clients.

Our mission

Helping our clients develop by generating value solutions which extend «beyond the service provided»

La caña perfecta
What’s the secret of a " beer perfect serve"?

What’s the secret of a » beer perfect serve»?

A “perfect glass of draught beer” is not only knowing how to draw a beer the way the brand intended.  It’s the result of many variables:  a perfect product, optimized installations, adequate equipment, proper maintenance, daily training of the point of sale in the whole process (storage, changing out the kegs, cleaning, glassware, etc.), and finally, serving the beer according to the brand rules.

Refrival helps the point of sale for the “perfect serve” beyond the technical service.

How do we help a “perfect coffee” serve?

The “perfect cup of coffee” is achieved with excellent coffee blends from the brands, the best coffee machines and grinders set with calibrated precision, and baristas trained in “ the perfect serve” by our experts/specialists. All of this allows them to perform their art every day, cup by cup, coffee by coffee…
Refrival, via CoffeeVal, helps its Coffee Clients throughout the whole process.
Un café insuperable
How do we achieve a perfect coffee?
Innovación, Tecnología y Digitalización
Innovation, Technology and Digitization

Innovation, Technology and Digitization

Refrival has developed RefriLAB, an R&D+i Center for “creating a better future” focus in Investigation and Innovation. Furthermore, we use technological solutions (digitalization or IoT solutios) to help our clients to improve “connectivity with the point of sales”, keeping with our philosophy of digital transformation as a key future success factor

Refrival generates extra value for its clients “innovating” through the use of technology

Partner of our clients

Many of our clients need help in developing their optimization projects. Our professionals have large experience in full management of outsourcing and service improvement projects.
Our objective:  detecting and generating efficiency and value in processes and structure and transmit them to the client.
Partner de nuestros clientes
Partner of our clients

Our services. Our experiences.

Solutions designed and adapted to meet the needs of each client.

Our solutions

A large company with three specialized solutions looking forward to our clients’ value creation

Experience, ongoing training, profile of service and value creation
A team of great professionals and specialists
Performing differently and efficiently. Innovation

Our highly Specialized Service Brands are developed to fulfill the ambition of Refrival to always offer the Best Specialized Service:  Both brands offer specific  and differential solutions for your business.

Dedicated to provide an “Excellence Service” in the Coffee Market.

The brand of our Trade Marketing Activities Division.

Our commitment: sustainability

We work to help our clients to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals, offering the most sustainable solutions.

Traceability icon


Our Asset Management via RFID allow a 100% traceability control, providing tracking and tracing of the equipments along its whole useful life (warehouse, market or workshop)

ECO icon

Sustainability and Recycling

All the assets under Refrival’s Coverage are managed in a sustainable process according to RAEE legislation, ensuring that 100% of the equipments are guaranteed scrapped and recycled at the end of their useful life at Homologated  Recycling Companies (agreement with EcoRAEES® Foundation)

Car icon

Sustainable vehicle fleet

Our aim is Total Sustainability, so we invest in incorporating Electric, Hybrid, and Low Environmental Solution impact vehicles to our extensive fleet.

Connect with us

Are you someone with talent and initiative who would like to work with us at Refrival?  Do you have a project that you’d like to share with us in order to develop it and lead it to success?

The personal information that you voluntarily submit to us will be handled by the following responsible party:  REFRIVAL, S. A., attending to suggestions, queries, or claims.  You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition by sending an e-mail confirming your identity to lopd@refrival.es.



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