This last September Refrival came back to the office after months with Bubble Groups TeleWork/Presential to control C19 risks.
To prepare the return, Refrival has change 360º its facilities, creating much more Meeting Spaces, Cabins, , Spare CoffeeArea, etc… with special focus in noise reduction elements, critical when mixing meeting with people both OnLine and Presential while maintaining all the security measures we took due to the Covid Situation and all the Corporate Social Responsibility adaptations (no plastic, minimum papers,….

As from this re-opening of the Refrival Central Headquarters, we also include a Healthy Touch: Free Fruit on Mondays

Finally, Refrival decided to stablish a ratio of 20% Telework on a monthly basis, despite the importance to have presential work as a Service Company

This is …REFRIVAL 

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