Refrival celebrates the World Hostelry Day with an interview with Óscar García, owner of one of the places with the highest beer consumption in Madrid, the Bálamo Restaurant. The theme of the meeting was about the Orion System of Fresh Cellar Beer, of which the Aliados Network of our company provides an integral service.

Refrival oversees the daily management and maintenance of the twelve tanks that the Aliados Technicians Network has installed in Bálamo. For the World Hostelry Day, with Óscar, we have reviewed the characteristics of the Refrival Orion System, the beginnings in the establishment and the daily operations carried out by both the Refrival Orion Management Team and our Aliados Technicians Network at the service points of your customers.

‘Refrival helps Bálamo to fabricate moments’.

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