Refrival Events colabora en el HIP 2021 a traves de varios montajes

It was the fifth edition of HIP (Horeca Professional Expo) and the very first presential large event of this year 2021, and of course Refrival has been involved coordinating the multiple assemblies made by the Aliados Refrival Network.

The amazing @cervezaelaguila, beertruck has been one of the “stars” of this HIP capting the eyes of many of the assistants, as well as the The SUB kitchen at the VIP área, coolers and columns of @familiaheineken & @cervezaelaguila, among others assemblies.

Refrival starts in the field of events stepping strongly and the best way to do it was on #HIP2021, the largest HORECA exhibition which was postponed, but whose main goal was to support the recovery of Spanish Horeca Sector so damaged by this economic/sanitary crisis.

Congratulations to all to our Refrival Events Team coordinating a large number ef specialists from our Aliados Refrival Network making real a Great HIP 2021.

See you Next year at HIP2022.

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