Refrival continues advancing step by step in sustainability as one of its key strategic pillars.

Among its sustainable actions stand up its environmental compromise implementing projects such as:

  • Digitalization viaSmartphone of all the Contracts managed y Refrival with the point of sales, as part of the “0 paper project”
  • Elimination of Plastic in all Refrival Offices and use of Recycled Glass Bottle” , reducing CO2 emisions
  • 100% of our Equipment Purchased by Refrival are Green as well as More Efficient (-20% energy)
  • 70% of our Refrival Vehicles Fleet and Sustainables with ECO Label Distinction , including our 3 Hybrid FUSO Trucks for serving our Cellar Fresh Beer Tanks in Clients
  • Finally, the building of Refrival Headquarter has installed Led&Solar Panels, saving 50% of our energy consumption at RFV Central Offices in Madrid.
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