Refrival Tagline

Is our first oficial corporate tagline which defines our company’s reason why. We presented it together with our renenewed image and logo. “Close to you…” resumes our role with our clients, brands, events promoters and final customers (the Point of Sell) : we work hand by hand with them as business partners rather than simple suppliers/providers
We are:

… Close to the client/brands
… Close to our Allieds Network
… Close to all those stakeholders interacting on a daily basis
… Close to you means “we are together at your/their side of the trench, “generating value beyond our service”
… Counterside: The common element after this Refrival’s 37 years is the bar/counterbar or the bars at events and festivals. It is where things happen!
“Refrival: Close to you…” is an evident statement which links our Value Chain certifying why we are the Service Market Leaders

Our plan is to have a ssnn campaign with different ads in our social networks (Instagram and LinkdIn) showing how “close” we work with our clients. Follow us and you can see Refrival in action!

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