2022 has been the years of the reactivation of the Events sector which forecasted a +21% growth vs a “poor 2021”. This estimations have become truth in Refrival in 2022 and overcome our expectationsas well. The Events Area has grown 50% in Commercial and/or Festivals, implementing more tan 15.600 events, helping the development of the total company revenues’ increase

Under BLUELAB our new Refrival’s brand for Events&Trade, we have contribute with lots of innovative solutions in the field for the 4 events main categories: Local Fairs, Events, Brand Activations, Festivals & Concerts and Sponsorship Events

“With no doubt at all, the category with more growth has been Concerts&Festivals (as Love the 20’s, Love the 90’s, Starlite or Icónica”, points out our BlueLab Director, Fernando de Vicenteº

Bluelab and the RFV Allied Network implementing, has been present in 90 Festivals, 20 of them positioned as the Top 20 Festivals with more assistants (more than 5million people)

We and our implementing Network have brought innovation (DIs, Special Dispensing machines, PopCorn Trolleys, etc…) plus flexibility, adaptability and versatility to the Events’ world. The figures are impressive : More than 210.000 materials/equipment (coolers, dispensing, billboards, counters, …) installed, not even including fungible material (glasses, tables, banners, etc..) . We have been all over Spain (from North to South, East, West and Center) and any location (coast, beach, country, monuments, congress halls, dessert, town squares, etc…: Les Arts, Monegros, Ifema, Madrid Fusion, HIP, etc…

Finally , we have also been involved in implementing Hospitaluity or VIP Zones in Sponsorship Events like Formula 1 Gran Prix in Barcelona, the Mutua Open Tennis Master in Madrid, The UEFA Champions League, Europe League Finals, etc….

All these “activations” give the idea to all our Clients (actual and potential as well) that how Bluelab/Refrival can help them to use the marketing tool “events”, in our case maximized and optimized by the Bluelab Team

For 2023 the objective is to consolidate our achievements, structure, processes and our team, with a scope 360º with an integral visión of the Event (from design to production and implementation) to fullfill Clients needs, but according to Refrival Mission : “Add Value to our Clients beyond the Service”

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