In Refrival we are very concern about our environmental impact to reach a better and sustainable world. Therefore, we have implemented several action in order to reduce our carbon footprint. These actions and incitiatives have been shapen in our Corpporate Social Responsablility Policy, our guide for the coming years

One of the critical actions was taken years ago, and it is related to our commercial vehicles. We bet ourselves to have a fully Green Commercial Fleet.: The goal is almost reached: we started 2023 having more tha 90% of our own fleet based on Hybrid Cars (ECO label).

Another action was to have Green Energy for our network infraestructure: more tan 90% of our Refrival Allied Warehouses receive green and clean energy cupplied by solar panels located in the south of Spain, thanks to an attachement to a PPA agrement within Heineken and Iberdrola

We are concious that the changes towards a more sustainable economy will be driven by the acts of leading companies, so we asume the challenge to reduce our environmental impact as much as posible in all our business áreas. Having a a Green Fleet or Solar Energy or 100% recycling are good example of our commitment to reduce significantly our contaminant emisions and contributing positively to our environment and consequently : Making a difference and leaving a Green Foot Step in our  planet

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