As from 2020 we decided to enter into the digitalization world, connecting equipments of our clientes (beer taps, dispensing or glass coolers) via IOT sensor offering key data to the final customers, to our cliente and to our company as well, delivering a better service, more efficient, allowing its geolocation and therefore a proactive management of these equipment and in some specific installations, providing consumption data

Our challenge is to Optimize and digitalize the POS Customer Service, by also transforming our final customer relationship, facilitating “our connection”, by adding the digital component (Solutions QR and/or App ActiBar) while developping a digital management of IoT equipment, which allows a 100% control of “coonnected equipments”

With the collaboration of Minsait (an Indra company) we have developped the solution implementing “RefrivalOne,” a Cloud Plattform where all de data collected on line are organised according to “personalizable criteria rules of game” therefore to manage the “Iot connected park and the service”. And helping the decision making process. This solution E2E allows to monitorize and manage more efficiently and effectively, allowing Refrival to be proactive and quick in the Service, therefore we have optimized resources, time response, C02 emisions, energy consumption, product ,anomalous behaviour, consumption estimations,, etc…

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